Indoor Spice Garden

An Indoor Spice garden can help you to grow amazing aromatic spices in the convenience of your home and can help you to add authentic flavors to the unique cuisines. It can save you time and hassle of choosing and picking them up from a local grocery store or market. Moreover, home grown herbs and spices are fresher and far better than the ones that you get in markets.

A wonderful spice garden can be started indoors with some of the common herbs and aromatics that you generally use in cooking. You can go about growing herbs, spices and aromatics like Ginger, Chilies, Mint, Basil, Coriander, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, etc. These spices and herbs should be grown in the right time of the year. Plants like Ginger, Chilly and Lemongrass can also be grown in containers and placed in the backyard or the porch. You can bring them indoors during harsh climate.

Most of the spices can be grown during the tropical winter climate. The best time to get started would be the warm and dry time of the year. These aromatic plants can be grown in containers, pots, raised beds or tubs.

You can start off by taking a good sized container or a pot. Fill it with good potting soil and sow the seeds of the herbs that you would like to grow. Some of the herbs can also be started from cuttings. Once you have planted them, give them enough water so that they thrive and become strong. The seeds need enough moisture during the initial stages to germinate properly. Keep a check on them and if possible, use fluorescent bulbs near the pots to keep the temperature warm and dry. To keep the plants safe from nasty weeds and pests, it is advisable to spray insecticidal soap water. You can wipe the plant with clean and dry paper after spraying soap water.

Most of the herbs and spices that you grow will also need a proper drainage as too much water can potentially ruin them. Place the pots where they have access to sunlight. A sunny windowsill is perfect for herbs.

When growing these spices keep a check on the soil as it should not get very stiff. If it starts to dry up and harden then you should cultivate and water it thoroughly. The more you care for your plants, the healthier they would grow so try growing some wonderful herb planets and spices in your home to enjoy their delicate aroma and flavor.


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