Maintaining a healthy level of electrolytes in your body is essential for good health, and with the low-salt Paleo diet, it is easy to see electrolyte levels drop. As such, it is advisable to go out of your way to introduce them to your diet.

The importance of electrolytes is undeniable. They are essential for keeping fluid levels balanced in cells, and are irreplaceable for recovering from any sort of workout or extended period of sweating. In fact, any sort of drink with electrolytes is better for rehydration than simple water. Also, a good intake of electrolytes is an effective hangover cure; since drinking alcohol actually dehydrates you, that pounding headache the morning after a party or night at the bars is a result of that dehydration. Electrolytes can work wonders for that.

To keep up your energy every day, especially when eating a Paleo diet that’s low in salt, you should make sure to take in electrolytes at least once a day. The energy provided will keep you going after even the most strenuous workouts or the longest days at the office.

While the first thing that springs to mind when you think of electrolytes is probably a sports drink like Gatorade, there are other, healthier ways to get electrolytes into your diet. “Poor man’s Gatorade,” or simply orange juice with salt added, is one way to work them in; another is to use sugarless electrolyte tabs. Many foods also have electrolytes, like green beans, carrots, and corn.

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