Cooking with Coconut Oil

The emergence of cooking oils with unsaturated fats in recent years may seem like a good thing; after all, unsaturated fats are better than saturated fats, right? Maybe not. Cooking with coconut oil—replete with saturated fats—has been shown to provide a variety of health benefits, mostly revolving around improved function of the thyroid gland.

First and foremost, coconut oil helps to reduce cholesterol, as it helps us metabolize bad cholesterol faster. This is a result of the stimulation to the thyroid that it provides. When working efficiently, the thyroid uses cholesterol to produce chemicals that help prevent disease, slow down the aging process, and control weight. Additionally, recent studies have shown that coconut oil, in conjunction with the aforementioned healthy and functioning thyroid gland, helps to reduce the risk of cancer.

If you want to lower cholesterol levels, keep down your weight, maintain a young and healthy appearance, and reduce your risk of getting cancer, cooking with coconut oil is the way to go.

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