Ghee Instead of Butter

When it comes to eating healthier, there are a lot of things in most people’s diets that could use reducing or being removed entirely. One of those things is butter, and ghee is a suitable alternative. Ghee, also known as “clarified butter,” is primarily used in India but has recently gained popularity in the U.S. Ghee, while retaining approximately the same taste as butter, has had some of the fat removed, making it a healthier substitute.

Ghee is substantially different from regular butter due to its unique preparation. Cow’s milk is brought to room temperature and let sit, with a layer of cream forming on top. Each day, the cream is removed, stored in a container, and refrigerated. After a week of this, the cream is again brought to room temperature and churned, with water added. The resulting buttermilk is strained, and the remaining butter is the basis for ghee. After a series of straining and heating, the butter is translucent golden, and can be filtered. Once solidified, the clarified butter is ghee.

There are a few other benefits to using ghee over butter. First, it has a much longer shelf life than butter, and does not need to be refrigerated while being stored. Additionally, many people think that it tastes better than butter, due to its lighter flavor. On top of this, there have been several claims made about ghee that are unsubstantiated, but nonetheless attract many people. One of those is that ghee has healing powers, and helps to balance the mind and increase brain function; another is that it helps to create healthier skin, giving a warm glow from the inside out.

While these latter benefits have not been conclusively proven, the fact remains that ghee is a good alternative to butter—and if you discover that your mind is sharper or your skin healthier after the introduction of it into your diet, well, all the better!

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