Are Green Beans and Peas Paleo?

                A common question coming from people who eat a Paleo diet is whether or not green beans and peas are suitable vegetables for their eating regimens. Because they are legumes, which are traditionally written off as unfit for the Paleo diet, green beans and peas are usually looked upon with wariness. However, that shouldn’t be the case.
                Most of the legumes that we should avoid are dried; green beans and peas, meanwhile, are picked fresh and are grown specifically to be palatable. They aren’t genetically engineered—instead, they’ve simply been bred with traditional selection, the kind of thing that humans have been doing for thousands of years.
                Now, green beans are actually pretty healthy. They’ve got more protein than many grains and have fewer antinutrients, along with absolutely no gluten. As long as you’re looking at fresh (not dried) peas or green beans, they have low levels of the toxins that make many legumes bad news. They also have relatively small amounts of carbohydrates. So, don’t hesitate to include an occasional side dish of peas or green beans with your Paleo meals.

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