How To Eat More Fat

Many people find themselves not eating enough fat while on a Paleo diet. This can often result in a lack of energy during workouts, or even during the course of a regular day. This is an easy fix, however, even while sticking to the Paleo regimen. Not only is it an easy fix, but it can also be a pretty fun one; after all, how often does someone tell you to eat more fat?

The easiest way to go about remedying this situation is to cook with fatty oils, like palm or coconut oil; cooking with bacon grease can also be effective. In fact, it is highly recommended to save all of your meat drippings and fat. These are great for marinating meats or providing flavor for vegetables, whether it’s a cooked veggie by itself or a stir fry.

Another great way to go about this is to go “cheap”; that is, buy dark meats with the skin intact. While many “health nuts” will go on and on about how much healthier skinless white meats are—and the prices of them will reflect this—you can take advantage of the lower-priced, fattier dark meats. Besides, they do taste awfully good….

Using fatty foods as staples in recipes can be great, too. Fatty fishes are an excellent start, as chances are they will be rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Getting fish caught wild is preferable for this; also, take a look at the smaller, fattier fish like sardines and anchovies. These can be great as part of an entrée, a nice snack, or even accompaniment for a salad.

Other foods that should be finding their way into your recipes are headlined by bacon—that one is pretty self-explanatory—and eggs. The yolk of the egg is packed with fats, and eggs are an easy thing to incorporate into many meals. Look to add things like avocados, olives, nuts, and seeds as well.

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