Tools of the Trade

Below are a list of tools that you will need to make your gardening job easier.

Hand Tools: These are used for cultivating. Some include a garden shovel, spade, spading fork, hoe, rake, and trowel.

Power Tools: A power rotary tiller is a great tool for home gardeners. It allows you to mix up old dirt so you can get those weeds out easily and plant your new transplants nicely.

Carts and Wheelbarrows: These are great for hauling in compost or hauling away weeds or other debris. Select a wheelbarrow or cart size that is appropriate for your garden needs.

Watering Equipment: When you plant your garden, you will need to decide how you will be watering your new plants. Some items you may need are watering cans, sprinklers or drip irrigation systems. It is up to you how you will water your plants.

Trellises and Cages: These are essential for vining plants such as tomatoes, squash, etc. You can purchase these commercially or make them with heavy duty materials  and a great design.


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