Primal Blueprint Workout

For those of you who have not read Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint, we highly suggest it.  In it, Mark talks about structuring your daily workouts around some basic pillars.

1. Move Slowly Often

2. Lift Heavy Things

3. Sprint Occasionally

One of the interesting points of Mark’s workouts are you never spend a lot of time actually working out.  You get in, do your thing, and get out.


Here is a sample based on his framework.

Sunday: Move Slowly, Play, Rest (Depending on how you feel)

Monday: Sprinting/Cardio (10-15 Minutes) Lightweight Crossfit WOD’s work great as well.

Tuesday: Lift Heavy Things (5×5 of Back Squat, Bench Press, Dips and Pendlay Row or Bent Over Row)

Wednesday: Move Slowly, Play, Rest (Depending on how you feel)

Thursday: Sprinting/Interval (10-15 Minutes of Intervals) Crossfit WOD’s work great as well.

Friday: Move Slowly, Play, Rest (Depending on how you feel)

Saturday: Lift Heavy Things (5×5 of Deadlift, Push Press, Pull ups)


Here are Just Paleo, we have followed Mark’s approach on and off with great luck. It stresses the body much less than continual Crossfit WOD’s and allows the body to recover with more rest days.

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