Week 1 Review

Things I have noticed in the first week:


– I have adjusted this time to strict paleo better than I ever have before. I think I only had one minor headache and was sleepy only like two days.

– I did notice that my face broke out really badly. Apparently this is the bodies way of getting rid of some toxins during this detox phase. Today it seems much better so I am happy about that.


Eating Out:

– The hardest part of this for me is the socializing aspect of paleo. I take much longer to go through a menu to figure out what to eat. Also, just plain sticking with it in a social atmosphere can be hard, especially when that bread is staring you in the face, etc.


Overall I feel great though, my body doesnt feel bloated, my energy is up, and I am not starving every two hours like I am when I heat wheat and sugar.

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