Paleo Challenge

Val’s Paleo Journey

Weight: 134lb

Body Fat: 21.6%

Height: 5.6”

Largest part of waist: 33”

Largest part of hips: 39”

Middle of Thigh: 19.5”


– Stick with paleo strictly for 90 days, Lean out, Clear up skin, Sleep Better, not be reliant on sugar

This is what I want:


This is where I am starting:


After a 30 day half ass attempt – watch out February 🙂

Weight: only down 2 pounds 132

Measurements: down 1/2 inch on waist

I should be in the 120s but I didnt do very good 🙁


Day 5

Breakfast: eggs with spinach, bacon, cucumber, nuun tablet, tea    

Day 4

So I definitely have a cold which is a bummer, not too hungry, but still eating good. It’s funny. This is about the 4th time […]

Day 3

I think I am fighting off a cold today, so I have an even better reason to east super clean – no dairy, no sugar, […]

Day 2

So my goal for this 30 days is to eliminate sugar [fruit],  caffeine, and starches [sweet potato]. Yesterday I had a terrible headache in the […]

Day 1

So I am back. I know you missed me 🙂 Its time to set serious about getting serious people. Yesterday was the super bowl and […]

  • 2013 30 Day Paleo Challenge

    Before and After Weight:
    You must take a weight in the morning of January 1st and track that.
    Do not weigh yourself during the 30 days.
    You must take an after weight on the morning of January 31st
    Before and After Measurements:
    You must take before and after measurements of the required areas listed below.
    Download Sample Measurement Chart
    Before and After Photos:
    You must take before and after photos of the front of your body, the profile and the back. Take them in the same bathing suite.
    Food Tracking:
    You must track your food every day, each meal. Be sure to track everything you eat. A sample guide is listed below. We have found that Evernote is a nice way of tracking. It has an APP for your phone as well that syncs with your desktop.
    Sample Shopping List:
    Download Here