Benchmark Monday 1/7/13

12 Minutes of Snatch Technique Work

Snatches 135/95

(If you are unable to do muscle-ups your options are: 9-7-5 Bar Muscle-Ups, 21-15-9 Kipping Pull-Ups and Dips, 15-12-9 Chest-2-Bar Pull-Ups and Ring Dips, 9-7-5 Strict Pull-Ups and Ring Dips)

Competitive Athletes
5X3 Snatch First Pulls
5X3 Pendlay Rows

All work should be performed at a heavy weight with 45-60 seconds between sets.

(Several days each week we you will see this “competitive athlete” area, if you are planning on trying out to be a part of our 2013 Wyoming Affiliate Cup team or are gearing up to kick ass in the Open then we recommend you complete this extra work. It will be up to you to find the time to complete this work either before or after the regular WOD work.)

Kettlebell Snatch 6L/6R

Athlete Spotlight

1. Name
Jordan Ashley Karabetsos
2. Nickname
J-Dizzle haha just kidding. Don’t really have one.
3. Age
4. Occupation
Case Administrator, US Bankruptcy Court District of WY
5. Hometown, state
I’m an Air Force brat so I’ve lived all over, but Cheyenne is home for the most part.
6. Favorite WOD
I love tabatas and chipper WODs
7. Favorite lift
The snatch. Yes, it may be the most difficult lift, but how many people do you know that can say they know how to snatch?! That, and I just kind of like saying snatch.
8. How long CrossFitting
11 months
9. What time do you come to most
10. How did you find CF?
Friends and word of mouth
11. Athletic background
I played volleyball, softball, and did track & field in high school. In college I got into running a little so now I enjoy the occasional run/race. And I know they’re not the most athletic sports, but I’m not too bad of a golfer and bowler.
12. In one sentence, how has CF changed your life?
One sentence is not enough! Simply put, I know that I’m an all-around happier and healthier person since starting CF and I hope that I stay healthy enough to do it for a very long time!
13. What motivates/inspires you?
Seeing and feeling all of the encouragement and positivity at the box every day, especially from all of the coaches. Also, knowing you can go into a wod feeling lousy or stressed about something, and come out at the end of it feeling awesome because you just kicked that WODs butt and you had fellow athletes rooting for you and pushing you through it the whole time. I love that sense of accomplishment you feel afterwards.
14. Name one goal CF will help you attain?
Similar to how I am slowly starting to change my mindset on tackling tough WODs, I think CF will help me to not approach certain life challenges with fear and hesitation, but instead with more confidence and a strong positive outlook!
15. Hobbies outside of the box?
I love to travel when I can, and I enjoy playing city league sports for the fun of it. I do softball in the spring/summer months and dodgeball and volleyball during the winter months. I also enjoy cooking even though I’m not all that good at it. Oh, and shopping for clothes, does that count as a hobby? Because I’m really good at that if it does!
16. Fav healthy food
Nuts and nut butter, and anything coconut.
17. Fav cheat food
Chocolate or ice cream or Chinese. Tough decision.
18. Name something about you that would surprise us?
I lived in China for a year and can speak some Mandarin.
19. Advice for newbies?
Don’t be intimidated. We were all in the same spot when we started, so stick with it, listen to the coaches, and you will see improvement!
20. Fav WOD Song
As long as it’s loud and upbeat I usually dig it.
21. Max DL
22. Max Clean
23. Max shoulder press
24. Max back squat
25. Fran time
7:36 scaled
26. Grace time
Haven’t had the pleasure yet!
27. Helen time
11:42 scaled. Working on those kipping pull-ups so next time it will be RX’d!
28. Have you met Pukie?
No but I’ve come close a couple times. “Kelly” comes to mind.
29. Most memorable moment at the box.
Carter Cruise – so much love was in the box that day!

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