Thursday 3/21/13

Yup, 13.3 is a repeat of last years 12.4, just a few wall balls and some other easy things like double-unders and muscle-ups!  Click here for more info.
Team WOD
“Modified Team Event 6″ from the 2012 CrossFit Regionals
Teams of 2 (1 Man, 1 Woman)

2 Rounds for time:
10 Muscle-ups (you may modify MUs with 20 pull-ups and 20 ring dips) while partner holds 225/135 pounds
60 Wall ball shots (20/14 pound ball to 10/9′) while partner holds chin over the bar
50′ Buddy carry (you may scale buddy carry with partner wheel barrels)
40 Box jumps, alternating on 24/20″ box
50′ Buddy carry (you may scale buddy carry with partner wheel barrels)
2 Muscle-ups

Teams begin standing behind barbell. At the call of “3-2-1 … Go!” one teammate will deadlift the bar and hold at the top, at which point the other teammate may begin the muscle-ups. The partners may switch, but muscle-up reps will only count while the partner is holding the barbell. Once they accumulate 10 muscle-ups, they move on to the wall ball. One teammate will pull-up and hold his/her chin over the bar, at which point the other man may begin the wall balls. The partners may switch, but wall ball reps will only count while the partner is holding his/her chin above the pull-up bar. Once they accumulate 60 wall balls they move on to the buddy carry.

For the buddy carry, one teammate must carry his/her partner or wheel barrel them across the gym 50′. Once the athlete & partner are completely across the line, they begin their alternating box jumps. Once a total of 40 jumps are completed (20 each) the opposite athlete carries his/her partner or wheel barrels them across the gym. Once across the line, each man must perform one muscle-up.  The team will then cycle through the workout again.

If there is not enough for a team of 2, teams of three are allowed, the team just share the whole WOD amongst the three of you, two people moving through the movements while the other does the hold.  The third member may do walking lunges during the partner carry/ wheel barrel.

Time cap: 30 minutes, so scale/ modify as needed

Run 400m or row 500m
20 box jumps
200 single-unders
20 walk ups
20 push-ups
Run 400m or row 500m

Teens MetCon
Skill: Practice Sumo deadlift high-pull (loaded)
Skill Test: ME pull-ups
20 Shuttle sprints, then
5 rounds of:
4 pistols (2 each leg)
2 Bear crawl
10 Tuck jumps
10 Push-ups
Game: foam roller stacking sprint relay

Study Session: SAT Question of the Day

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