Thursday 11/28/13

Happy Thanksgiving!

4 alternating rounds of
5 Push Press – heavier than last week
Max Effort Strict Pull-Ups

Use the least amount of scaling possible that still allows you to do 5+ pull-ups each round

“Pick a Girl”

You may pick anyone of the “girls” benchmark workouts to complete today. Go to to see a list of the girls.

The following is a fun blog from Paleo Plan, enjoy the holiday and family time.

So, it’s coming. We all know it. The biggest, most baddest cheat day of the year. Christmas is one thing. You can kind of excise yourself from the table and go play with your new Lego set. But Thanksgiving? It really is about the food!

Even if we manage to stay Paleo, the overindulgence factor is, well, overwhelming.

I’m going to advise you on how to do a little damage control before the meal even starts. And yes, it’s better to “pre-pay” for your food a little, instead of working it off later.

(You may want to print this out, and hang it on the board at work… you’ll be a hero.)

For the metabolism nerds out there, we’re going to try to burn through a wee bit of muscle gylcogen on Thanksgiving day so that when we have our Thanksgiving awesomeness it’s got somewhere to go besides straight to our backside.

There are 3 workouts here, depending on how deep down the horn of plenty you’re headed. Pick one and tear it up, or do all three and earn an extra helping of dessert & sweet potatoes!

“Cranberry Sauce”

Perform 3 rounds of the following:

As many push-ups as you can do without dropping (you may stop/pause, in the “top” position only to rest). This is a good one to challenge your in-laws to for dish duty.

Estimated prep + cook time: 3-4 minutes
Your “score” is your push-ups for each round! (you’ll have 3)

“Turkey & Stuffing”

Perform 5 rounds of the following:
– 1 minute of burpees
– 1 minute of rest

This is a great one for the kids! They LOVE burpees. Find 5 kids, then challenge each of them to burpees for 1 minute! Or 1 kid, and talk them into more treats if they do all 5 with you. See if you can get to 100!

Estimated prep + cook time: exactly 10 minutes
Your “score” is your total burpees!

“Pumpkin Pie”

Perform 8 rounds of the following

– 20 seconds squats
– 10 seconds rest

This one is done best when holding a baby. The up and down calms them, and gives you a little extra weight. Extra servings if the baby falls asleep! Go find that baby now!

Estimated prep + cook time: exactly 4 minutes
Your “score” is you total squats!

All in all, these workouts all together will take less than 20 minutes. The push-ups you could even break up throughout the day. Challenging that nephew to “double or nothing” each time. Getting at least one of them done will help with any guilt you have about portion size, while doing all three will hav you doing some really good damage control. I’m NOT saying you shouldn’t bust out the elastic pants, I’m just saying you might as well sweat in them too! ;)

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