Friday 10/4/13

For time:
Row 5k

We will do this in heats of 7, if you are not in the heat that is actively going you should be mobilizing.

For time:
Row 500m
4 rounds of “Cindy”

Athlete Spotlight

Name – Sara Hall

Nickname – None

Age – 33

Occupation – First Grade Teacher

Hometown, state – Cheyenne, Wyoming (born and raised)

Favorite WOD – Diane. I notice I wasn’t asked about my least favorite….but it’s Fran. I hate Fran!

Favorite lift – Power Clean

How long CrossFitting – Just hit the 2 year mark!

What time do you come to most – The late class

How did you find CF? – My husband made me do it

Athletic background – Absolutely none!

How has CF changed your life? – CrossFit has taught me that I am capable of so much more than I would have ever thought possible! Coming from such an inactive lifestyle I have had a slow climb to get to where I am, but I am doing new things all the time and surprising myself. It has also brought me out of my shell and I am not as quiet and reserved as I used to be. I think this is because of the improvement in my self-image.

What motivates/inspires you? – Watching the amazing women in our box and aspiring to get to where they are!

Name one goal CF will help you attain? – To have a sub 9:00 mile

Hobbies outside of the box? – Skiing, gardening and baking

Fav healthy food – Pork Chops

Fav cheat food – Chips!!!!

Name something about you that would surprise us? – I have had two back surgeries – and one of them was a disc fusion (when I was 18 and 21).

Advice for newbies? – Keep coming even though you’re sore! It will actually feel good to work out!

Fav WOD Song – I don’t really listen to the music….

Max DL135#

Max Clean – 100#

Max shoulder press – 75#

Max back squat – 135#

Fran time – 9:17 (modified a lot)

Grace time – 8:57 (modified to 85#)

Helen time – 16:38 – Rx!!!!

Have you met Pukie? – nope

Most memorable moment at the box – The first time I did “Death by Burpees”. It was my fourth WOD ever and I literally thought I was going to die!

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