Friday 11/15/13

Mandatory Mobility
Spend 10 minutes mobilizing your body to recover from a tough week of workout and prepare for the day

Back Squat
8 sets of 4 reps @ 5-20# more than last week

For time:
15 Overhead Squats 95/65
Run 200m
3 Rope Climbs
10 Overhead Squats
Run 200m
2 Rope Climbs
5 Overhead Squats
Run 200m
1 Rope Climb

10 Minute AMRAP of:
10 Wall Balls
Run 200m
10 Pull-Ups

Don’t Eat Half the Doughnut

So, as many of you know, I am a teacher.  This gives me the benefit of seeing tables of tasty foods (i.e. junk) every week when the next teacher’s “lounge duty” is assigned.  For those of you that don’t know, “lounge duty” is a rotational responsibility to clean the dishes, wash the tables, fill the salt shakers, and, most importantly bring in a tasty dish for your coworkers to enjoy in that rare 10min break away from the crazy kiddos.  I know not all of you are teachers, but the table in the lounge can serve as a metaphor.  At most places of work there is this sort of table, or at least opportunity.  Maybe it’s somebody’s birthday and a cake is involved.  Maybe the dick of the office brought doughnuts to coerce people in liking him.  Whatever the case may be, please, by all means, don’t eat half the doughnut.  If you are deciding to eat a treat, then eat the damn doughnut already.  No need to cut it into 1/2, and then 1/2 again (1/4s now for those of you bad at math).  That’s ridiculous.  Doughnuts are meant to be eaten hole.  Hence the grabability.

So, why do people eat half the doughnut?  Why do they say out loud, “Oh my!  I really shouldn’t”…(brief moment of false contemplation)…”Maybe just a taste!”  Who are you really kidding?  Then there’s the last doughnut (or brownie, or Rice Krispy treat, remember, it’s a metaphor) and people have at cutting it in half, then again, and again, forbidding themselves to have the last piece.  When the lonely, 1/8th of a slice finally gets discarded at the end of the day.  Just eat it.  You aren’t being polite leaving 1/2 a doughnut for the next guy.  Actually, you are being a slight ass.  Doughnuts are meant to be eaten whole, remember?  If not by the dozen (sometimes the case).

I’d like to suggest something.  Treat yourself, don’t call it cheating.  When we call it cheating we put a negative connotation to it.  We ALL know that eating doughnuts (metaphor, remember) is nothing short of heavenly.  YOU are CHOOSING to do it, remember!?  You are choosing to eat the doughnut because it’s awesome, a treat.  You are not committing some crime, one you’ll need to repent for later by running a 10k.  Those of us who strive for elite fitness and nutrition deserve a doughnut, a whole one.  Heck, if it was a PR on an oly lift, we may just deserve a 1/2 dozen.

So, what have you learned?  Don’t eat half the doughnut.  Don’t call it cheating.  And, most of all, don’t feel guilty for having fun.  As a CrossFitter, you’re probably already making pretty serious adjustments to your diet and chasing after elite level nutrition as you are fitness.  We all know they go hand in hand.  That means you eat clean or are striving to for a majority of your meals each day.  Which also means you can afford to eat a treat once in a while.  So, if you have thought about it more than a few times, do it.  Don’t torment yourself over it.  Food isn’t your enemy and you don’t want to turn it into a head game.  Enjoy the doughnut.

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