Friday 11/29/13

Mandatory Mobility
Spend 15 Minutes mobilizing your body to help recover from the week and prepare for today’s workout.

For time:
10 Deadlifts 155/105
10 Squat Clean
10 Shoulder-2-Overhead
10 Deadlifts 135/95
10 Squat Cleans
10 Shoulder-2-Overhead
10 Deadlifts 115/85
10 Squat Cleans
10 Shoulder-2-Overhead

After each set of shoulder-2-overhead strip weight to get your bar to the next prescribed weight. If you can not perform the prescribed weights select weights that allow you to strip between 10-20# between each round.

Ok you turkeys, come workout!

Thank You

I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you that are apart of the CrossFit Frontier family.  It’s been less than 3 years but we have made a large impact in the fitness and health community in Cheyenne and it couldn’t have been done without all of you awesome folk!  Many of you remember the days of the red shirts, the 2-3 person WODs, the bars that broke all the time, the old rig, and the tiny kids area.  It seems so long ago but in reality we are still in our infancy as a gym.  So, how have we become so awesome?  YOU ALL!!!  Thank you

The CrossFit Frontier community is probably the strongest bond that holds us together.  It wasn’t until we opened up a CrossFit gym that my wife became hooked (I guess me WODing in our garage in freezing temperatures in the winter time didn’t do it for her).  I am so proud of her accomplishments, consistency, and determination.  And, it’s all because of our awesome community.  It’s easy to come sweat and do hard stuff when others are enjoying the toil with you (and with smiling faces and fun personalities to boot).  Ryan and I knew that community was important in our gym but as owners and trainers, we can only foster an environment open for a super-awesome culture, it was you all who established that.  Our community is why we’ve gained at least 10 members every month over the past year.  Thank you

The trainers are also very thankful for all the hard work you all put in day in and day out.  There isn’t anything you wouldn’t do if we wrote it on the blackboard (even dodgeball!)  We talk all of the time (in our super secret trainer lair) about you all, the goals you have, the achievements you’ve made, and the data you put on the board.  It inspires us daily and we couldn’t ask for harder working individuals.  You all remember the first day at the box, how intimidated you were.  Then, you saw all the hard people pulling, pushing, squatting, lifting heavy stuff and said to yourself, “I want to be like them”.  Now, you are “them” and you inspire all the “newbies” that enter the box.  Thank you

You have created CrossFit Frontier.  Ryan and I feel so blessed to call you all friends, athletes at our gym, and inspirations and role models.  There are mini-stories in all of your lives that impress us the more we get to know you.  I look forward to the coming years, the changes, PRs, goals, new athletes, equipment, space, hours, etc…  The swift progression our gym has made from 1 athlete in Ryan’s detached garage to the 100+ that walk through the door now, has all been because you all have made it so.  Thank you

On a personal note, thank you for letting me fulfill my dream.  When I went into teaching, I thought that was my passion in life.  My calling, then, I found CrossFit.  Ever since then (2009), I’ve had the dream (my wife thought it was me being all imaginative and such) to own a box in Cheyenne and bring CrossFit to the town I was born in and grew up.  Now, I look back at those dreams and smile, feeling very satisfied and thankful.  I also look forward and smile when I think of all the good that is yet to come.  I can’t say it enough all, thank you!!!

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