Friday 2/22/13

Come this Sat to a super fun and free event!  CFF will have a kids obstacle course but there are also many other fun activities!  Take advantage of this neat event (CFK Sat will not be at the box, it will be at this event so if you want your son/ daughter to do CFK this weekend, come.  All ages welcome)!!!

Spend 20 minutes mobilizing

*Take advantage of this time and recover from the week.  If you have no areas causing you trouble, use this time to work on your mobility goat!

mo·bil·i·ty [moh-bil-i-tee] goat [goht]: an inadequate or defective quality related to mobility, as in “I cannot touch my toes”.

Complete the following for time:
Row 1k
100′ handstand walk
Run 1k

*If you cannot walk on your hands use one of the following progressions:

1. Practice weight transfer in a plank or pike, A) lifting hands 1″ B) touching chest C) touching hips (one weight transfer = 3 ft)

2. Pike on a 45# weight and walk in a circle around the weight (1 step of the hands = 3 ft)

3. Cartwheel up to the wall and weight transfer with hands (1 step = 3ft)

4. Lateral walk walks (1 step = 3ft)

5. Start out 1-2 mats away from the wall, walk on hands until your feet hit wall, do this for 100′ equivalent or scale as needed

Choose one of the two options below:

1. 100 Burpees for time
2. Row 2k for time
*Compare to 7/18/12

**We can do the rows in 2 heats if necessary but we won’t have time for 3 heats.

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