Friday 3/29/13

Pretty sweet pick from, had to share.  Happy Friday!!!

Open Gym
*Come in and use this time as you please.  If you are one of those types that likes to be told what to do, we’ll give you a WOD to knock out.  If you are feeling creative, find one on your own and get it done.  You can also use this time to work on a strength set, do some Oly lifting, perfect a gymnastics skill, or practice for 13.4.

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes following the rep scheme below:
3 Medball clean & press
3 Knees-2-Elbow/ Chest
6 Medball clean & press
6 Knees-2-Elbow/ Chest
9 Medball clean & press
9 Knees-2-Elbow/ Chest
…continue the pattern until the time is up.
*For the medball clean & press you will start with the medball on the ground, do a full medball squat clean and then press the ball overhead.

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