Friday 9/27/13

Mandatory Mobility

Spend 15 minutes mobilizing your body to help recover from a tough week o f workouts and prepare for the wod ahead

For time:
20 Front Squats 155/105
100 Double Unders
20 Shoulder-to-Overhead 155/105
15 Front Squats
100 Double Unders
15 Shoulder-to-Overhead
10 Front Squats
100 Double Unders
10 Shoulder-to-Overhead

For time:
25 Steps Overhead Walking Lunge
150 Single Unders
25 Plate Ground-to-Overhead
20 Steps Overhead Walking Lunge
150 Single Unders
20 Plate Ground-to-Overhead
15 Steps Overhead Walking Lunge
150 Single Unders
15 Plate Ground-to-Overhead

Name? Eric Bickell
Nickname? NA
Age? 40
Occupation? Firefighter
Hometown, state? Greeley, CO
Favorite WOD? Elizabeth
Favorite lift? Snatch
How long CrossFitting? 1 year
What time slot do you come to most? 6 pm
How did you find CF? co-workers / wife
Athletic background? Participate in many sports at a recreational level, lifted weights and ran several times per week prior to crossfit

In one sentence, how has CF changed your life? Besides the fitness aspect of CrossFit, I have improved my flexibility / mobility and I have not had any of the back pain and issues that I used to have prior to CrossFit.

What motivates/inspires you? Being able to do something as a family with my wife and son (both CrossFitters).
Name one goal CF will help you attain? Will allow me to continue to live a productive life into my senior years.
Hobbies outside of the box? golf, volleyball, softball, spending time with my family
Favorite healthy food? Steak and bacon
Favorite cheat food? Potato chips
Name something about you that would surprise us? I enjoy musicals (movies / theater)

Advice to newbies? No matter what kind of shape you are in, the first month will be hard and it will hurt, but I assure you that you will be encouraged by others and it will be worth it so don’t quit.

Favorite WOD song? Hearts on Fire (Survivor)
Max DL? 335#

Max clean? 195#

Max shoulder press? 140#
Max back squat? 250#
Fran time? Have not done yet
Grace time? 5:50 (modified)
Helen time? 13:54
Have you met Pukie? Unfortunately, yes – after my first WOD (Angie)

Most memorable moment at the box? First muscle up


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