Saturday 12/7/13

Open Gym 9-10:30

Come in and work on your Oly lifts, gymnastics skills, mobilize, make up a WOD you missed this week, get creative and create your own WOD, play with some of the toys available, or have your coach choose from the “hopper”.  Today, the choice is yours!

CFK 1:30-3

Athlete Profile

1. Name? Levi Burnside

2. Nickname? Not sure I have one, perhaps someone can think of one?

3. Age? 31

4. Occupation? Farmers Insurance Producer

5. Hometown, state? Cheyenne, WY

 6. Favorite WOD? DT

7. Favorite lift? Snatch

8. How long CrossFitting? 8 months

9. What time slot do you come to most? Used to be the 4:30 basics, but now it’s generally 5:30am


10. How did you find CF? Ben Cory told me about a guy we used to go to school with that was operating

a box here in town, turns out that guy was Chris Hall.

11. Athletic background? HAHA, I played soccer growing up but was never “athletic” I was a band


 12. In one sentence, how has CF changed your life? CrossFit has completely changed my outlook, now

instead of looking for an excuse not to do something, I look for an excuse to do it.

 13. What motivates/ inspires you? Honestly, everyone at the gym. It is truly inspiring to me to see

everyone from all different walks of life come together as a family here @ CrossFit Frontier.

14. Name one goal CF will help you attain? I really want to be able to do at least 30 unbroken pull-ups

15. Hobbies outside of the box? I have 2 kids that keep me pretty busy. I enjoy watching them at their

gymnastics class as well as tooling around with my vehicles.

16. Favorite healthy food? Hmm I would have to say either cauliflower or sweet potato.

17. Favorite cheat food? Too many to list! My weakness is confetti cake. If my wife leaves it out I will

more than likely eat the entire pan throughout the course of a day or 2.

18. Name something about you that would surprise us? I am anal about grammar and spelling. I have

literally read my responses 10 times making sure I haven’t missed anything, and inevitably I will have

missed at least one thing.

 19. Advice to newbies? Give it your all, and don’t worry about what you look like while working out.

Most of the time we are all too exhausted or focused to care if you can or can’t do a regular push-up.

 20. Favorite WOD song? I don’t really have a favorite song. I LOVE music, if you were to look through

my collection you would be shocked at the different selections I have.

20. Max DL? Not sure on Max DL,

21. Max squat?  So far Max Squat is 345, but I am hoping to get that up to

450ish in the next year.


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