Saturday 9/14/13

Bailey & Ken doing some sit-ups, one of the many basic movements done in Basics classes.

Women’s Class


Open Gym

Come in and make up a workout you missed earlier in the week, work on a skill or lift, get in some mobility, or do a WOD you’ve been wanting to hit.



CFK Teens


Basics Class
At CrossFit Frontier we have 2 programs for adults, the Basics class and our group WOD class.  Of course you all know this by now.  Both classes are vastly different but serve a very important purpose.  Since This month’s theme is CrossFit, the basics, I figured I’d give our Basics class a bit of spotlight.

I always tell people new to our gym that our Basics class is just that, Basic.  It is NOT a “beginner’s” class.  Of course many people assume it’s for beginners because that’s the filter we put them through.  To be eligible for our group WODs you must first attend Basics until both the athlete and the coaches feel comfortable moving forward.  I stress to people that even our most seasoned athletes sometimes hit up that class because they have a tight schedule, or because they want to get 2 WODs in, etc… It is NOT a “beginner’s” class.

Instead, is CrossFit “boot camp” as I like to refer to it.  A quick warm-up, explanation of standards, a short WOD consisting of basic CrossFit movements (such as running, rowing, box jumps, wall balls, kettle bell swings, pull-ups, push-ups, squats, etc…), and then a quick cool down.  The Basics, a fast-paced MetCon that does the job.

It always amazes me the number of people that call me up and ask, “so, how long do I HAVE to stay in Basics before I’m ALLOWED to go to group WODs?” and then 2 min after their first Basics WOD the look on their face says, “uh, I think I’ll stay in Basics for a while.”

Don’t underestimate our Basics class.  The WODs are hard.  To the average person, not conditioned to CrossFit, just the fact of doing a workout for time is a huge culture shock.  Nobody can ever get ENOUGH practice with the basics.  Better squats, more pull-ups, stronger push-ups, faster runs, etc…  So, next time you are in Basics, remember.  This is where it all started!

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