Thursday 10/10/13

Thursday 10/10/13

Back Squat

Add 2.5-5# to last week

15 Minutes of:
Sprint 20 seconds
Run 40 seconds

10 minutes of:
Sprint 20 seconds
Run 40 seconds


Part 3 of our 10 part series on 10 Steps to Eating better is a time consuming and annoying one but one of the most crucial steps in the process of making your meals high quality!  Creating a family menu or meal plan.  Before we buy and eat food we need to brainstorm what we are going to eat.  Why you ask?  Because when we don’t think of what to eat, we end up having holes in our weekly meal plans where we eat fast food because, “I didn’t have time to cook” or because “I ran out of things to cook”, etc…

Think first, about how many people and meals you are prepping for.  My wife and I plan on cooking double portions of all our meals so we cook once but eat twice, sometimes 3-4 times (she hates left-overs but I think it’s worth it!).  Try to mix it up.  Make a few meals that are low on ingredients and time in the kitchen so you don’t feel like you are a slave in the kitchen each night.  With that in mind, pick a few “fancy” meals that are worth the time to cook and a bit complex.  Usually the complexity of a meal rewards you with a rich, vibrant, unique taste that may very well become one of your favorite all-time meals.  Try to also mix up the different meats and veggies you use as well.  Not only will this be more nutritious because each meat and veggie has a unique set of nutrients but because it makes the meals more mentally stimulating and rewarding.

Write the menu down in your own organizational way.  I’m sure there is an app for this but my wife and I just use a large sticky pad with headings such as “Breakfast”, “Dinner”, “Sides” and “Snacks”.  Our lunches are always left-overs from the night before.  We used to put the sides with the meals, however sometimes we didn’t feel like eating the one we “planned” to go with the meal, or we might want a quicker side on a given night, so that is why we opted to list them separate and cook them as we felt like.

The menu may feel like a task but it can also be fun! Once you’ve found your favorite cook books, blogs, recipes, the menu options you find for yourself will rival the best restaurants you’ve ever been too!  Why else do you think people who eat Paleo take pictures of the foods they cook and share them with the world via Facebook?  Because when you learn to eat better, you become a master chef in the process.  :)

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