Thursday 7/11/13

Barbell Work
Spend 20 Minutes working on your weakest lift of the 3 Olympic lifts. (Snatch, Clean or Jerk)

For time:
10 Snatches 135/95
100 Double Unders
10 Snatches 135/95
100 Double Unders
10 Snatches 135/95

For time:
25 Squats
150 Single Unders
25 Squats
150 Single Unders
25 Squats


She doesn’t look intense at all, does she?

Athlete Spotlight

1. Name? Jerri Yates
2. Nickname? Ralph:)
3. Age? 36
4. Occupation? Stay at home mom/homeschooler
5. Hometown, state? Kadoka and Spearfish, SD
6. Favorite WOD? Fran (my first RX’d girl)
7. Favorite lift? Snatch
8. How long CrossFitting? Two years
9. What time slot do you come to most? 9AM, or 5:30PM
10. How did you find CF? Curiosity brought me to CFF
11. Athletic background? Track and field, basketball
12. In one sentence, how has CF changed your life? Crossfit has given me an outlet, I love having somewhere to go every day to relieve stress with a bunch of great peeps:).
13. What motivates/ inspires you? My age motivates me the most. I love that as I get older, I am still able to do things that I couldn’t do before.
14. Name one goal CF will help you attain? I want to stay fit and active for the rest of my life, I’m counting on CrossFit to make that happen.
15. Hobbies outside of the box? Golf
16. Favorite healthy food? It all kind of tastes the same to me.
17. Favorite cheat food? I’m liking the S’mores blizzard at DQ right now.
18. Name something about you that would surprise us? I’m not fun. I look like I could be fun, but I’m not.
19. Advice to newbies? Take care of yourself! Don’t ignore the little “pains”, they tend to turn into huge problems.
20. Favorite WOD song? Fat Bottomed Girls
20. Max DL? 265#
21. Max clean?
22. Max shoulder press? 105#
23. Max back squat? 185#
24. Fran time? Fran 4:26
25. Grace time? Grace 2:53
26. Helen time? Helen 10.13
27. Have you met Pukie? Nope
28. Most memorable moment at the box? 12.1 My very first Open wod. I was so impressed by all of the energy and adrenalin in the box that morning. Not so impressed by 7 minutes of burpees, but the atmosphere was amazing!

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