Tuesday 2/19/13

It’s all about a good grip & clamp!

Gymnastics Skill
Spend 15 minutes working on rope climbs

*If you are new to climbing ropes your focus should remain on gaining a strong clamp.  For those of you proficient at rope climbs, work on becoming more efficient, working towards a 2-step rope climb.  If you deem yourself a BA, do it without legs.

Complete the following for time:
20 Calorie row
5 Muscle ups
20 Bar facing burpees
10 Thrusters (135/ 95#)
20 Push-ups
15 Ring dips
20 Up downs
20 Sumo deadlift (135/ 95#)

*Since we have 5 rowers, we will do this WOD in two/ three waves.  The first group will go and then next group will go 2:00 after the first group, if there is a third group they will go 4:00 after the first group and 2:00 after the second group.  Muscle-up mods will be as follows:
“I’ve done A muscle-up, but I can’t do muscle-ups.” – do jumping MUs
“I can’t do MUs but I’m good at chest-2-bar pull-ups and dips.” – do strict C2B & strict RD
“I can’t do strict C2B or strict RD.” – strict pull-ups & band assisted RD
“I can’t do kipping C2B or kipping RD.” – Do kipping pull-ups and parallette dips
“I can’t do kipping pull-ups” – Do band assisted STRICT pull-ups and parallette dips

Extra Credit
10 Muscle-ups
*This is completely optional and should be done during everyone’s Cool Down.  If you do the extra credit you will need to cool down on your own.  If you can’t do a muscle-up, use the mods listed above.

Complete the following for time;
20 Sumo deadlift high-pull (15/35/45#)
5 Pull-ups
20 Burpees
10 Wall balls
20 Push-ups
15 Dips
20 Updowns
20 Kettle bell deadlift

Skill: Thrusters (“Laser Squats + Hold up the Sky”)
3 Rounds of;
10 Plank or pike hand lifts
10 supermen/ bananas (5 of each)
5 hurdle jumps/ step-overs (parallette)

Skill: Thrusters
Buy-in: 20 Wall balls
3 Rounds of;
1 rotation pike walk (on a 25-45# plate)
10 alternating supermen/ bananas (5 of each)
5 hurdle jumps (parallette)

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