Wednesday 6/5/13

Gymnastics Skill Test

Hollow Body Test

*We can do this test together as a whole group. This will allow us to see how our hollow position is coming along.
Max reps knees-2-elbows

*As soon as you come off of the bar or use the rig to stop your momentum, the test is over. Your knees must touch the points of your elbows for the rep to count. No one is allowed to scale this test unless they are unable to complete 1 successful K2E. We will perform this one person at a time so the judge/ coach can see whether all reps count or not (it’s hard for an athlete to determine “no-reps” because the standard is so precise).

Run 400m @ 70%
Rest 1:1
Run 400m @ 80%
Rest 1:1
Run 400m @ 90%
Rest 1:1
Run 400m (all-out effort)

Score is time for last run. Compare to 4/3/13


For time:
Run 400m
Rest 30 sec
Run 400m
Rest 30 sec
Run 400m

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