ComposterWe have this composter and love it. We have had it since May of 2012 and have now just filled it up and we cook a lot. I love this one because it is fulling sealed up so raccoons cannot get inside of it and it doesnt smell. It obviously stinks a bit when you open it up but, it won’t smell up your backyard which is great. The other cool thing is that you can spin it instead of having to get a shovel out and hand stir it. I am looking to get another one here shortly so I have one that can cook up and be ready for our spring garden and then have another one for my new clippings. We purchased this composter at Lowes. I think you can get it anywhere though. Here is a good link to view more. 

A List of What To Compost

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Compost List



Apartment Composting

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Composting in an apartment

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